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Call Us Today!
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Seasonal Services

Seasonal Sprinkler Winterization and Spring Sprinkler Start-up Services
If you're preparing for a shift in seasons, make sure your sprinklers are ready! Here at AreaWide Lawn Irrigation Inc., in Marion, Kansas, we provide sprinkler winterization as well as spring sprinkler start-up services to help you maintain the longevity of your system. 

Spring Start-Up Services
After the long, harsh winter months, it's important to service your system. We provide the maintenance needed to ensure your system performs throughout spring, summer and fall. First, we turn all the water on and check for any leaks. Our staff will examine every head to make sure they are functioning and apply repairs as needed. Finally, we set up a schedule on the controller for your desired watering. 
Winter Shutdowns
Don't risk freezing your irrigation system. Frozen lines can cause extensive damage requiring expensive replacement costs. However, with some simple preventive maintenance, we can ensure that your lines are clear and not at risk of freezing. With our winter shutdown service, our trained team comes to your location, turns off the water line to your sprinkler system and uses an air compressor to make sure all lines are clear. This ensures that come spring time, your system will be ready to go.
Pricing Information
Our seasonal services are available for all types of systems. The spring start-up service is affordably priced at $60, while the winter shutdown is available for just $50. We accept cash and checks. Payment can be made before or after the service. 

Contact us to ensure you have a fully functioning sprinkler system year round.

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